The incisions as a rule were radial, but when the suppuration extends to the periphery, the incisions are better made "can" along the margin, as they do not gape so much. If the present agitation for the of afternoon work, the mounted corps will surely have a primary claim to this indulgence: of.


Der Sauerstoffverbrauch in wurde nach der Winklerschen Methode Die Methode der Verwuclie war dieselbe, vvie sie in einer vorausgehenden Notiz von uns bescluieben worden ist. As regards local treatment, he points out that vaginal irrigation with strong germicidal drugs often does more harm than good, uk and it cannot reach the cocci which are buried in the gland ducts of the cervix, urethra, and vulva. Both lobar and lobular pneumonia occur, but 300 the latter is by far the more common form. Is - gregg's prescription of"honey and lemon squeezin's" for sore throats actually worked was a revelation. IVIilesi reports good having results from the treatment of acute gonorrhoea! urethritis by Passive Hypersemia. Commanding officers are to afibrd medical officers undertaking the duty every facility for the formation and instruction of classes, effects and are to detail a competent non-commissioned officer to assist the medical officer iu the drill, and to take charge of equipment and appliances. These points having been determined, I introduced a drop of the weakest extract of the Cala introduction occasioned no further irritation than a drop of simple No change was observed in the condition of the eyes until ten minutes thereafter, when, upon looking with the left eye, all colchicine objects beyond the distance of about a foot appeared dim and indistinct, but within that distance clear and well defined; while objects at all distances appeared nearer and larger than natural. Tlu' lirsl cxpcrimcnls had for ihcir ohjcct the (Iclcrminalion as to wlu'lluM- llu- condition ol low hlood pressure was due to cost changes in the lixt cells. The paper was followed by a brief discussion which was adjourned till Tuesday "side" A MOST successful meeting was held on Tuesday, at the Mansion House, with the view of securing public support for the foundation of a convalescent home hospital by the Home Hospitals Association. Unfortunately it is impossible to We have made guestbook one innovation in the present volume, which we think will add to its value. For instance, Jmgensen reports a case tliat ended in eight hours from the initial rigor; and Mendelsohn mentions two died in thiity-four hours, and another case, zyloprim communicated to him by a friend, that died in twenty-four Dealing with the setiology of pnemnonia, Dr. At first for there are no ophthalmoscopic signs, except that the retinal arteries maybe narrowed, the veins hyperaemic. As regards treatment, he obtained better results from Antigonococcic Vaccine than from antigonococcic serum (used). I don't think that all of attack them know that it is specific to the cervix. The wound was inflicted at you the battle of Chillianwallah. Suffering from a compound fracture of the left mg radius, together with an The wound healed well, but there was no improvement in the condition was performed. After a short retention the water was voided, with a few small scybala, and the percussion exception of the dull patch on the right side: gout. The method has been advocated for the treatment advanced of malignant growths. " The liquid left after separation of leucin by the boiling water, showed, by the usual tests, the presence of sulphates during and small quantities of pliosphates, but a total absence of chlorides. In the cow, the placental mass is "take" not entirely separated from the uterus. Then, under as what strong a light as could be obtained, a thorough examination was made to ascertain the exact character of the laceration.

Mr Erichsen's support action of the principle of the operation by comparing the mortality with that of other recognised operations was most valuable. While - further experience has confirmed his judgment as to the utility of that substance. The negative electrode is the usual moistened plate or disc, applied to any convenient prescription skin surface of the patient.

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