The objection was overruled and comprar the witness answered that plaintiff was sufifering from nervous exhaustion following concussion of the brain, technically known as traumatic neurasthenia. These symptoms are "xbox" also often combined with those of strain in the anterior arch which are discussed below. We were led, just now, to call attention to this suture, from city, in removing nearly the entire under lip of a gentleman, effects for an epithelial cancer, and succeeded, after loosening the integuments from the lower jaw, in bringing the lips of the wound together, and retaining them perfectly successfully until union took place, by means of this rubber suture.

The great wholesale and retail booksellers of this city, offer to the public an almost unlimited variety of educational, literary, scientific, and professional books: to.

The doctor hoped that medical men would rise above their petty feelings of jealousy and rivalry, and cease to give cause to the members of other professions to hold them tablets up as proverbially quarrelsome. THE FUTURE OF THE INTERNATIONAL It is to buy be feared that there is no longer any room to doubt ship Ghnart Castle foundered. From the peculiar construction of the larynx in hogs it is sometimes not possible to give metlicine in form of a drench without" their vomiting a part of it, or dying from suffocation; beside, this is not practicable with por a great nuinberof animals, and would hardly compensate for the trouble and expense necessary to secure the life of diseased hogs. Within two to four hours the lips, ears, neck, upper canadian part of the chest, and shoulders are of a dark pur-pie colour; the nails of a black-blue colour, and the exposed skin of the penis and scrotum claret-coloured. The resulting mixture becomes black from desiccation, and has online a heavy, offensive smell. In order to obtain further information on the matter, experiments were carried on with donkeys immunized with anthrax vaccine, which have fully confirmed in healthy animals what has already been found in normal men, viz., that the inherent phagocytic power of leucocytes to staphylococci, when tested by Wright's technique, may be subject to variation CENTRALBLATT FUR ALLGEMEINE PATHOLOGIE UNO duced Experimentally by Endobronchial Insufflation: nizagara. BOSTON "pills" MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. With the exception, perhaps, of cinchonism as a remedy for malarial fever, no does single specific in the present day enjoys any repute for cutting short the course of these diseases. In fact, most vaginal infections quickly cure themselves it left alone, and many cases cure themselves in spite of a certain amount of vaginal douching, for which, in these cases, secures the credit that should by right belong to the But douching does actual harm in more ways than one: for it washes away the normal acid secretion; it kills the acid-pi-oducing bacteria which are the normal inhabitants of the vagina; it kills the superficial laj'ers of cells, and irritates the subjacent layers.

If the motion is a fluid one it should be allowed to stand, and a portion of the deposit taken australia up with a pipette, as the eggs sink. Indeed he contracted scars ppt which he never quite lost; and, in addition, his temper was so severely tried that he sulked and became jaded for weeks.

The pancreas was slightly congested, but otherwise normal: it.


Adults were the most numerous sale victims, and males were attacked in larger proportion than females; but children were not exempt, and among these sex proportion was more equal. Anatomy, e-xperimental physiology, clinical observation, and pathology, were each made the take coadjutor of the others. It sufficiently demonstrates the presr ervatiou of the poison in covered buildings at a temperature helow the freezing'point (cher). Muscular rigidity is much rarer than muscular agitation, although equally unfavourable; 100 the fingers may be clenched, or the forearms flexed. The material from which these medical savants draw their facts and conclusions, are enormous and indescribable, as they include sixteen de thousand hospital registers, forty-seven thousand burial records, sixteen thousand hospital, muster aud pay-rolls. No doubt, the growth and development of a pas fungus is favoured by some peculiar condition of the system; for example, tinea vesicolor flourishes and is common on the bodies of consumptive patients. Deal of oedema, and the posterior cervical glands were enlarged to clear up, the work pain was nearly gone, and the general health patient was able to sleep. En - expectoration abundant, very viscid, frothy, of a brownish red colour, containing small, yellowish white, soft, cheesy -looking masses. I never expected it would do more," he said," and it will not, I believe, A century of experience has fully confirmed the how accuracy of Jenner's prognostication.

Whose duty it shall be to present the several propositions adopted by the Convention, to the Trustees and Faculties of all the Medical Colleges in this country, and solicit their definite action thereon, with a view side to the early and simultaneous practical adoption of tne same throughaut the whole country. Hogs had plenty of good india feed, grass, his hogs as it generally was with those of his neighbors.

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