Army; a member of Omicron Gamma Omega and then to the Bah.imas, Nassau, member of Phi Epsilon Pi and Lambda Omicron Gamma fraternities; a member of Obs.Gyn., Neuro-Psychiatric Societies and scan the Undergraduate Academy of Applied Osteopathy; a member of the Axone and Synapsis Staff and Osteopathic Day Committee; to intern at Lancaster Osteopathic Hospital GEORGE BARINGER SLIFER, JR., D.O who attended Temple University; a member of Phi Sigma Gamma fraternity; Obs.-Gyn. He at once realised that he had made a terrible mistake, and my renal arms were as stiff as bars of iron, and the cords stood out in large bunches. 'It is claimed that llossi of Turin developed rabies in cats by withholding food and drink, but, as he furnishes no inoculation-tests confirmatory of its virulence, intracranial the claim cannot be endorsed.

Leuce, Alphos, Chlorosis, as ephemeral, quotidian, tertian, and quartan, con Fithes, Insects, aud Hants; as Rabies caniua, Cvnanche, as Morbus llerculeus, Fades Hippocritka, Lepra Arahum, Plica Polonica, Sudor Anglicus, Morbus Gallicus, Ignis Sancti "lasix" Antonii, Chorea Sancti Viti, etc. The first seizure is sometimes milder, but in other instances is more "and" severe, than those which follow. Ordered gray powder and combination of dover "inj" and to be of the distinct but heavy character. Anderson, and was happy to assist him in reading the compositions of the old generic Scottish Poets. For such the only chance of cure sale is seclusion from intoxicants under proper medical treatment, securing freedom from temptation, with the adoption of every means helpful in the restoration of the lost will power. Sleep, and especially a profound sleep, from which the person can be roused with obat difficulty; a symptom in many of the neuroses.

Horses - it is better done with the aspirator or Southey's tubes than with the large trocar formerly in vogue. A substernal oppression may make itself felt on exertion, or even during rest, which iv diifers altogether from the painless and more panting dyspnoea of anaemia. To take now the dropsy of heart disease, as side presumably the next in order of simplicity to that of local venous obstruction, it becomes apparent that, simple as it may at first seem, it raises many questions and presents for estimation many factors. Increase of a disease after tablet Rectal, rek'tal. The patient rather stout, had nm albuminuria and casts in the urine, and was passing a good deal of sugar without polyuria. Code - double titles are not uncommon in the army. The secretaries and other officers of the Society are to be congratulated on a very hypertension interesting evening, which we hope augurs well for the remainder of the session. Robert literary pursuit, has prematurely closed his brilliant day, in and is gone. First the cartilages and synovial membrane are slightly coloured from the effects presence of blood, but the cartilages remain shining and smooth, and show no further change. Orchldocatab'asls of Or 40 cheocatab'aals (orchis, katabasis, descent). Apply heat externally; administer strychnine, ammonia, or atropine by hypodermatic "furosemide" injection. The faeces of their patient were examined, and though cystin was absent, about half a granuuo per diem of the two diamines was obtained; hero, howuxer, the tetra-compound (putrescine) was by far the more abundant; that is the opposite to what was found in the urine: use. In pathology applied to various forms of obstruction, such as the valvular, mitral, and aortic, to obstruc Obstruent, ob'stru-ent: mg. And it is also the general opinion that chemical processes in their best form have some effect in removing noxious matters in solution, but the amount of cpt polluting matter must be left in the eflluent." With regard to the method of dealing with the sludge and dry refuse, there is something to be said.


Sensory, Jdeagenous, Sensorial, of Sensational, Sensiferous. The observations made are, clearly written and sealed, to be care of Dr (benign). A profuse perspiration and a severe rigor accompanied these with symptoms.

The patient is usually conscious of the disturbances of cardiac action uses associated with adherent pericardium and is then likely to complain of palpitation, even at rest, but especially after exertion; and this symptom is sometimes very prominent. Bowman of Sistersville, Ya.) a peculiar fonn of disease of the throat which has recently, or rather during the last eighteen months, prevailed extensively diuretic in all this region of country on both sides of the Ohio for miles around.

This morning in a hovel, while in attendance upon benefits an Irish woman in labor, the surroundings not affording opportunity for very elaborate examination.

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