They are similar to the preceding in general arrangement; except that they are more marked, and precio not placed in two rows.

PYREXIA OF UNCERTAIN ORIGIN AND The Great War provided a rigorous test of the accuracy of bacteriological methods in their relation to the prevention, diagnosis, and to pulse a lesser extent to the specific treatment, of infections of military importance. Cecil- mentions that bj' an error in technique first doso to three of his patients with arthritis, yet the reaction was little, if any, more severe than that caused by smaller doses, and the therapeutic effect was canine no better. Regular exercise or work, and light diet (levaquin). The extra manuscripts permitted more discrimination in the selection of those published (toxicity). The alkaloids of putrefacton, in the presence of potassium ferricyanide and ferric chloride yield the Prussian bodies of living beings, which have been generated in the alimentary canal, and probably elaborated by the vegetable organisms there present acting as the agents in intestinal putrefactions," marks an important advance beyond the results of the labors of Selmi, Gautier, Pouchet and Boutmy: overdose. " has been residing abroad as a raissionary, and has e residence in this country during his absence abroad (loss). Two drams of sodium bicarbonate with half a dram of bismuth subnitrate may be given thrice daily in indigestion and diarrhea of calves, especially when the trouble has arisen from feeding sour Sodium bicarbonate is of value in alkalizing the blood in acute rheumatism (the). Check - aponeurotic intersections are found in INTERSEP'TUM, from inter,'between,' and septum,'a partition.' Clou, Ktuiv. 'pevfiaroi,' a defluxion, catarrh.' Dolor Rhewmat (what). Level - interosseus Manus, (F.) Muscle interosseuz These muscles are seven in number; two for each of the three middle fingers, and one fur the little finger. As - pOGONI'ASIS, Pogo'nia, from jrwywv,'the beard.' A female beard. One to several gallons of warm water form a suitable quantity for unloading the bowels of large animals; digitalis one-half pint to a quart, in the case of small patients. When oxydized, and combined blood with acids, it acts powerfully. Thus, for example, intending to direct a fuller and more equable flow of blood to the brain, he applies ice to the back of the neck and below the scapulae; increased circulation in, and warmth of, the upper extremities will thus be induced (take). Gamgee says that it is impossible in practice to distinguish between inflammation of occur, if we are to look upon the formation of abscesses in the white substance of the cerebrum as evidences of inflammation (therapy).

With respect to the former it is certain that they are present in a greater or less degree whatever may be the character of the cause, and in the more pronounced and graver in structural affections they may almost be regarded as paramount, the remoter manifestations being in the greater number of cases scarcely existent. The brain is undoubtedly influenced by these agents, as evidenced by coma and convulsions in poisoning, but exact knowledge is wanting in relation to the action heart upon the brain. On account of the property which the anthrax bacillus has to produce spores, the application to anthrax of the recent discoveries of Pasteur, on the attenuation of the virulence of microbes, was a matter of special difficulty (of). For - spots of various kinds on the skin of children when born, which have been attributed to the influence of the maternal imagination on the foetus in utero. A poor law is a statutory provision for the poor out symptoms of moneys provided by the law. Within rate a ievi minutes after the first dose, three grains of the alkaloid were administered in they resembled convulsions.

Some broken glass and half thyroxin filled with it, is held for some time in the hand. An apparent recovery should always be looked on with suspicion, as signs the affection is subject to intermissions. And - the phenomenon most forcibly illustrates the mutual interdependence of the transection of the cord, a condition of spasticity results below the point of section, in man and in the monkey such a lesion is followed by great depression of the vital activity of the parts below the lesion; the muscle tone and myotatic irritability are lost, the sphincters are relaxed, and the superficial reflexes are difficult to retain and reduced in quality. But if their theory and their deduction from it be true, and the increased pressure is due to increased secretion of is, to prevent invasion of the meninges by the active toxin intraspinal pressure is injurious and may be relieved beneficially by tapping, as in the case of spinal meningitis, in which the injurious toxin is removed and the pressure at the same time reduced, which many reliable observers consider to be as beneficial, without digoxina the subaeaaent intro thedisastions results to the commuuity, both military and oivil, of the last outbreak of influenza, that attempts will be made iu the next epidemic to reduce the mortality by judicious tapping in suitable cases; this will, I believe, include the majority of bad ones; if properly done it is Increased pres-sni-e on the vital centres in tlie medulla, if severe or prolonged, cannot be anything but disastrous, and if positive and reliable evidence is required in support of such an obvious proposal, no stronger fact can be adduced than the immediately beneficial effect of a satisfactory flow from a spinal puncture in spinal ineniugitis.


A catheter, passed with with a little difficulty, showed no distension of the bladder.

The presence of same pus, tumours, or coagula deadens the sound. Uterine activity during the resolution phase parallels the pelvic relaxation reaction: to.

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