To that confidence, and the powers we exercise in virtue of it, we attribute much of the success which has hitherto marked the working of teva the hospital.

Does - as a rule animal food is digested sooner than farinaceous, and in proportion to its minuteness of division and tenderness of fiber. Portions of a pure zein preparation were placed in active peptic and tryptic solntionH how and at the end of seveml days no marked digestion had occurred. Dr Matthews Duncan, with the members' permission, wished to make a few remarks on Dr James's paper, which he had highly 100 appreciated. A small amount of food, especially when composed largely of fluids, and much rest in bed or a small amount of to physical exercise, or all of these conditions often account for the constipation frequently seen in patients with chronic disease.

Plate X is a effects drawing of a lung from a steer belonging to Mr. A few bupropion months after this the clear fluid of the eye became dull and streaked with blood, the white of the eye then became inflamed, the coniea opaque, and the whole eyeball grew larger. His powered studies of its pathogenesis were made on the conjunctiva, where he succeeded in producing a typical gonorrhoeal inflammation by inoculating the mucous membrane with pure cultures of the fourth and fifth generations. The treatment of each weight of these conditions will be taken up more fully in the chapter on diseases of the stomach. Soft palate (indicated by the peculiar affection of the voice, and escape of liquids by the nose), and paralysis of the pharynx (of sr which the symptoms are difiiculty in swallowing, and passage of food and liquids into the larynx), are the most common accidents which follow the different manifestations of diphtheria. Bacteriological Examination of the Milk after Inoculation, virulent bacillus diphtheriaB into tissues of right shoulder, two blood-serum colonies developed, a portion of which were lemon -yellow and a few orange in color (of). This requires about half the time, avoids moving and and so tiring the patient, and can be applied During all these sweating processes an ice-bag should be kept on the head.

Special meetings may be called by a requisition, in writing, upon All invested funds, with the interest thereon, shall remain, with such other additions as may accrue from time to time from initiation fees, interest, forfeitures, or otherwise, until the same shall amount be devoted to the heirs of such deceased members as the Trustees The Association reserves to itself the right and power to strike from its roll, for adequate cause, any member, thereby depriving him of any and all his previous interest in the Association, which shall require a two-thirds vote of the members present, at a meeting The cajl for the yeas, and nays shall be, in the Trustees, by two members, and in the Association five members, to be taken without debate, and vbulletin recorded in the minutes. Eumydrin (methyl-atrop in -nitrate, a white, odorless powder, soluble in of side iron combined with laxatives, or arsenic (as above) or, especially in children, cod-liver oil. Thorson, of xl Northfield, Minnesota, has Dr.

The following description of this invaluable instrument is taken from" The principle involved in its construction is that of applying the pressure resulting from the expansion of a liquid in a closed chamber, vs under varying temperatures, for the purpose of recording the variations. Professor Gairdner did not wish to speak on the strictly histological part of the subject, because he really had no right to do so, "long" and did not desire to seem an authority on the subject.


Junot's boot, with its elaborate air-pump, is on a more ambitious scale, but on Having, some weeks ago, to amputate at the hip-joint for a large and very vascular tumour of the tnigh-bone, I used a method of temporary hasmostasis of extreme simplicity, and one wliich, in generic this case, proved very valuable, and may probably be still furtlier Before the operation, I made a dresser raise the limb to be removed, so that, by position, it might empty itself. Morel relates the case of another young man with similarly inherited predisposition and running a similar career of extravagance and by misconduct, but pushed to greater extremes even than in the former one. Supra-clavicular folds of a version fatty and myxoedematous character are common. He knew 150 that much might be accomplished by other means, but it seemed impossible for him to handle certain cases without them. The sequence of events in the foregoing case appears to have been the following: Strain in lifting, causing laceration of the pulmonary pleura (whether pleural adhesions, set up during the sickness three years before, had any part in determining such a lesion or not cannot be decided); pneumothorax, followed by serous effusion; aspiration in the fourth week, twice repeated at short intervals; pyo-pneumo thorax, with firm compresion of lung, the lower lobe of which was completely airless, and loss probably adherent to the pericardium; slight expansion of upper lobe after aspiration; heart dislocated and retained in its new position by inflammatory adhesion; transmission of impulse from the displaced heart through the contracted left lung, at first to the fluid contents, and later to tensely confined air in the pleural cavity, with pulsation of the chest-wall. The author has seen a case of granular kidney arising from syphilitic mg endarteritis, which grew much worse under mercury and improved only when put upon iodides. He who performs the function of a butcher can hardly fail of obtaining an acquaintance, more or less accurate, with the fabric of the creature he hcl deprives of life.

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